Donnerstag, 27. April 2006

Where The Wind Blows Forever

Where The Wind Blows Forever

There are times I can’t stand this world anymore
Like a prisoner I watch the birds fly
There are times I can feel I could reach out for more
Then I lay in the grass and I stare at the sky

If I could fly away over the fields
I wouldn’t stay in this place any longer
And if I could fly away over the sea
In my songs I would write how it is to be free

Where the wind blows forever
I’d try to go
Where nothing else matters anymore
that’s where I belong
To the places unknown
There is my home

When I open my eyes the dream is gone
I will never be able to fly
Then I raise my head to the place that’s my home
And I lay on the ground and I start to cry

And then again I can see
All this beauty around
I will stay in this world

With my feet on the ground
Like the other ones (everybody else) and I’ll never be
Like a bird flying over the sea


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Ja hi erstmal hab ne kleine frage zu dem foto *hust*...
..HakI.. (Gast) - 10. Apr, 16:54
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ich finde auch sooo viele englische wörter schön! suspicious...
Jule (Gast) - 15. Okt, 12:56
hmmm.... ja... falls...
hmmm.... ja... falls es noch jemanden interessiert,...
Wolkentage - 1. Mai, 22:08
Wo bist du?
Wir haben ja seit langem keinen Kontakt mehr...aber...
Mark (Gast) - 21. Feb, 21:29
ich weiss net um was...
ich weiss net um was es geht, was das für ein...
pia. - 4. Dez, 22:07

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