Dienstag, 9. Mai 2006

What Kind of Spirit are you?

ou are an Open-Minded spirit!

Your Best Trait: Being open-minded is great for gaining new friends! People like to open up to you because they know you won't judge them. People think of you as a true friend.

Why Guys Would like You: Being as open-minded as you are, you're more likely to see the real guy, not just the outside. If you like him for the real him, he would undoubtedly return the favor. ^-^

If you Were a Mythical Creature: You'd be a phoenix. Intriguing and and free, the phoenix is very curious, and can often tell a lot about a person with very little thought.

You in a Nutshell: Keep being open-minded about things and you'll go very far. Being so optimistic, you'll find opportunities everywhere you look! People like that in you, so keep it up!

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Ja hi erstmal hab ne kleine frage zu dem foto *hust*...
..HakI.. (Gast) - 10. Apr, 16:54
ich finde auch sooo viele...
ich finde auch sooo viele englische wörter schön! suspicious...
Jule (Gast) - 15. Okt, 12:56
hmmm.... ja... falls...
hmmm.... ja... falls es noch jemanden interessiert,...
Wolkentage - 1. Mai, 22:08
Wo bist du?
Wir haben ja seit langem keinen Kontakt mehr...aber...
Mark (Gast) - 21. Feb, 21:29
ich weiss net um was...
ich weiss net um was es geht, was das für ein...
pia. - 4. Dez, 22:07

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