Montag, 31. Juli 2006

What color discribes you best?

Your color is black. You are mysterious and very beautiful. You have a unique personailty and do everything with passion. Black can also be associated with withing sad, so you may have trouble with feeling lonely or confused. You're not much of a people person. You work best by yourself, although you have a few friends that are very close to you.

Good trait: You're very talented and mysteriously sexy

Bad trait: You can be negative sometimes

Animal: Black swan

Quote: To find the truth, look into their eyes. Did you see the truth? The lies?

Mach mit!

Boah, welche Überraschung! ;)

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Kamen (Gast) - 1. Aug, 13:51


also ich bin:

What color describes you best? (Beautiful anime pics! And detailed results!)

Your color is blue. You gaze at the world through peaceful eyes. In a group of friends, you're the calm, nice one. You have a clear way of thinking and are very good at giving advice. You're also very loyal to your friends and family. They mean the world to you. You can also be a bit of a day dreamer.Good trait: Helping people out. You are naturally understandingBad traits: Sometimes you can be moody. And you have trouble standing up for yourselfAnimal: SnakeQuote: If you feel like you're losing your soul, then you've still got a soul to lose
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komische sache...

Wolkentage - 1. Aug, 14:28

Ja Kamen, du bist ganz sicher die Stille der Gruppe *g* ;)
mao-b (Gast) - 1. Aug, 18:57

ich denke...

"mysteriously sexy"

kann mann unterschreiben ;-)

mao-b (Gast) - 1. Aug, 19:06

my colour is

The color for you is purple. You can be intense and very lively. However, it's hard for people to really understand you. There are so many sides to you. You can be optimistc and a little eccentric. You take pride in being independent and unique. You also have a wonderful smile and piercing eyes. You're calm and you enjoy sitting back and relaxing.

Good trait: You don't care what people think of you
Bad trait: Sometimes you're distant and moody
Animal: Leopard
Quote: Expect the unexpected

I´m the purple people eater :-D

Shae (Gast) - 2. Aug, 12:13


Pfff, na, hab ichs net gesagt? Dieses komischen Quizzes geben nie das raus, was ich will. Ich will nicht blau sein, sondern grün! Quizilla ist ja auch echt sehr subprofessionell.

Wolkentage - 2. Aug, 12:22

Ich finde zu dir passt blau aber besser als zu Kamen ;)
Shae (Gast) - 2. Aug, 12:31

Ja, aber... aber... grün? Hah, vermutlich haben die da gar kein grün. Da gibts nur schwarz, lila und blau.
Wolkentage - 2. Aug, 12:42

doch da gibts grün... und pink und gelb und noch ein paar andere...

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